Where words fail, music speaks… But what does music look like?  Introducing the most technologically advanced music player in the world!Our new Zoom Player below is an all out HTML5 audio player. It contains features that you won’t find in other players. For something normally invisible like sound, a picture really paints a thousand words. Even if you’re the casual music listener, you know right away from the waveform when a sound will be loud or silent. If you are a singer, musician, transcribing or learning a new song, scrolling through the waveform is much more intuitive than just looking at the track time. This is the same player that SoundCloud charges a monthly fee for using. As I have been editing tracks and samples recently, I thought that seeing the waveforms of songs I regularly listen to might improve my skills and intuition. If it works for me, it will work for  our Church Worship team which will come in handy. Even though we are all miles this puts us all on the same page!  *Pun intended*

One of the really cool features about this player, is it’s built in commenting system that you won’t find on other players. Just tap/click the reflection of the wave form on any part of the song that you would like your comment to hover over and the comment box will appear. Type in your comment, hit submit and then anyone who plays the song in the future will be able to see your comment and avatar.

Note: Guests, or members who are not logged in can still add comments, but your email will be required for each comment you add. Member’s are able to add comments directly without the their email requirement by clicking on the wave form reflection.

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Nelson NOTE: The wave form music player has been moved too,
August 24, 2017 6:00 pm
Nelson There is another version of this page with the HTML 5 wave player on our sister site==>>
Emmanuel Baptist Church of Modesto
September 10, 2017 6:00 am
September 10, 2017 6:01 am
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