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Girl Talk is a place for women of all ages to gather and discuss our experiences as women. A place for us girls to chat about our faith, fashion ideas, make-up tips, family life and work. Do you have tips on raising a child with disabilities, or being a single mom with boys? A working mom with a family to take care of? An empty-nester? Are you struggling with acne or do you have advice on making those wrinkles less visible? Did you see a great movie, try a new restaurant? Are you a Christian woman working in a secular world? A woman working in a “man’s” world? A stay-at-home mom? Or maybe you just want to chat with the girls? Single or married, with or without children, high school student or grandmother, this is the place for you. No topic is off limits. Girl Talk is a sounding board and advice network where we, as women, can come together to encourage and empower one another.

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