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MyChristbook.com Looks great on any device! Our responsive design allows members to enjoy myChristbook

community from any size monitor! Desktops, tablets and smaller smart phones. myChristbook.com members

can post a status and add videos, photos, moods and location. Friends can comment, like and share with

privacy control that’s simple, secure and flexible. Members have privacy options when posting on the stream. They can choose who can

see what and even change their mind later if they wish.



TagSo is a plugin for PeepSo. It enables tagging of friends or any other member who contributed to a stream post.

Simply type @ then the name of the member you’d like to tag. Tagged members can get onsite and email notifications.

The tag shows on a post and is linked to the tagged member’s profile. Tags can also be placed in comments.


MoodSo is a plugin for PeepSo. It lets members share one of sixteen different moods on their stream using emoticons.
Moods also work in private messages. You will find Moodso hidden in the happy face icon in the left lower corner of the
white status text box. Just hover over tha happy face and choose your mood.


LocSo is a plugin for PeepSo. It lets your users share their location in their status updates. With MsgSo they will also be

able to send their location in private messages. The location appears as a link of the name of the place selected. When

clicked, a modal window will open, displaying a scrollable map. Users can also open full Google Maps view in a new tab.


Every community needs a convenient way for members to message each other privately. This plugin adds private messaging

and also creates private group messages. All messages are searchable. Mwill be able to add pictures, a location, and moods to

their chat messages. You will find a Message icon on your profile cover allowing other members to easily send you private

messages.Likewise you will fina a Message icon on the top toolbar leading to an inbox where you can compose, open and search messages.


Creating connections is at the core of every community, myChristbook is no different. FriendSo lets you add friends,

accept or decline friend requests, and set their post privacy to “Friends Only.” Members can add friends and accept or

decline friend requests. They can also restrict their posts so that they’re only seen by the people they choose.

A friend button is placed on your profile cover. The label on the button changes according to the status.

For example, if you have just added someone as a friend, the button will show “Cancel Friend Request”

until the member has approved the request.


Our Picso plugin lets members upload unlimited images to the stream, to messages and to chat. It invigorates

communities with pictures that people love to see and share. When clicked, the photos open in a modal window

allowing members to comment, like and show them to their friends. The plugin also adds a Photos tab to profile pages,

and provides a My Photos widget that admins can place anywhere. A photo icon is added to the share box on the stream,

messages and chat.
A new tab marked “Photos” is visible on the members’ profiles, and displays each member’s images.

A new Photos menu item is added to the top toolbar.


Our VidSo plugin allows members to add video links to the stream. The videos show in a wide display for easy viewing.

Members can comment, like and share the videos, generating engagement and interaction. The plugin also puts a

Videos tab on profile pages that displays all the videos the member has uploaded, and adds a widget that shows

My Videos on members’ profiles. A video icon is added to the share box on the stream. A new tab marked “Videos”

is visible on members’ profiles, and displays each member’s uploaded videos. A new Videos menu item is added to

the top toolbar.


The Reactions plugin on mychristbook can be used to express much more, such as Love, Laugh, Wink etc.
You will find it when you hover over the like thumbs up icon.


Your account on myChristbook.com is free and gives you access to all features including the Social Hobo Blog.

Likewiseyour myChristbook account also makes you a member of our network including our Parent site EBCmodesto.com

where you can enjoy movies, sermons, prayerwall, and our recipes page where you can post & share delecious recipes with each other.

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Known Issues: For new members, Due to our cashing system after you upload your cover or avatar you may not see it Immediately.

In fact you may have to logout and back in to see it or refresh your browser or even empty your browser’s cashe. If you continue to have problems contact the admin.